$ 10,300: That’s How Much the Most Expensive Mac Studio Bundle Costs

Mac Studio Display announcement from Apple

The Mac Studio Display starts at $ 1,599.

Screenshot / Apple

At its first event of the year on Tuesday, Apple introduced the Mac Studio – a compact computer that packs a punch for its size thanks to the new M1 Ultra chip – alongside the 5K Mac Studio Display monitor. At first glance, the bundle’s base cost is about $ 3,600, which accounts for the $ 1,999 Mac Studio and $ 1,599 Studio Display. If you choose the highest possible processing power and storage options, however, the two devices converge to create an impressive desktop workspace for over $ 10,000.

At 7.7 by 3.7 inches, the Mac Studio is designed to live under the formidable 27-inch monitor. It processes either 2.5x or 3.8x faster than the 27-inch iMac, depending on whether you choose the Mac Studio version with the M1 Max chip ($ 1,999, £ 1,999, AU $ 3,099) or the M1 Ultra chip ($ 3,999, £ 3,999, AU $ 6,099).

You can upgrade the M1 Ultra version’s GPU from the default 48 cores to 64 cores for an additional $ 1,000. Doubling the memory from 64GB to 128GB costs $ 800, and maxing out the storage to a mind-blowing 8TB requires $ 2,200 extra. (It’s important to note that once you make a choice, your decision will be final: Apple will not let you add more memory or storage after you buy the computer.)

As for the monitor, the Mac Studio Display at its cheapest rings in at $ 1,599 and features a tricked-out camera, mics and speakers. Add in some $ 300 glare-reducing premium nano-texture glass and a $ 400 stand that enables you to adjust its height, and you’re looking at a monitor totaling $ 2,299. That’s about half the price of the $ 4,999 Apple Pro Display XDR base model.

You can now preorder both devices, and they’ll become available March 18.

Apple / Screenshot by Jared DiPane / CNET

The Mac Studio is a new product line from Apple. It’s compact in size – like the Mac Mini, but taller – coming in at 3.7 inches tall. It’s the first machine from Apple that runs its brand-new M1 Ultra chip, which was announced alongside the machine at Apple’s latest event. It has Wi-Fi 6, USB-C, an SD card reader right on the front and more. It can power up to four Studio Monitors and a 4K TV, which is a big improvement over original M1 chips.

Pricing starts at $ 1,999 for the M1 Max version, or $ 3,999 for the one with Apple’s brand-new M1 Ultra chip.


Alongside the new Mac Studio, Apple introduced an all-new Studio Display. Preorders are open now for this monitor, with shipments starting later this month. It features Apple’s A13 chip, a 12MP ultra-wide camera for use with Center Stage, Spatial Audio and so much more.

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