WhatsApp’s iOS-exclusive blur tool could soon roll out for Android users

WhatsApp is notorious for its slow development when compared to some of its rivals. It takes the company a long time to come up with new features, and typically they lack originality. That’s surprising because the Meta-owned instant messaging (IM) app has unlimited resources – relatively speaking. There are no monetary constraints limiting this platform from evolving. And perhaps what keeps it one of the top IM apps is the heavy dependence on it found in most parts of the world – rather than it being feature-rich. A long time ago, the company developed a blur tool for the media editor on iOS. The feature has been missing from the Android version of the app for no clear reason. Fortunately, WhatApp’s blur tool should be making its way to the Android app in the near future.

WhatsApp's blur tool on Android

Credit: WABetaInfo

WABetaInfo has discovered that version of WhatsApp Beta for Android contains traces of the blur tool. Considering it’s still under development, there’s no way to tell when we will see the feature. These traces only indicate that the company is working on bringing it to Android users. So even if you install this beta version, you still will not be able to utilize this new tool. Interested users will have to wait for a future version of the app.

WhatsApp’s blur tool pixelates media before a user sends them. Just like the drawing tool, a user would swipe on the parts they wish to blur out. This makes censoring words or hiding faces an easy process – that requires no third-party editing app. WhatsApp has been slowly catching up with other IM platforms. However, it remains way behind some of the other popular ones. We can only hope Meta focuses more on improving it and giving it the attention it deserves.

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Source: WABetaInfo

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