Vos, Gableman sign new contract for GOP review of Wisconsin election

MADISON – Assembly Speaker Robin Vos reached a new agreement with attorney Michael Gableman on Tuesday, just hours before a judge said Gableman’s records offered little sign he had conducted a thorough review of the 2020 election.

Vos, a Rochester Republican, hired Gableman as special counsel last summer and gave him a taxpayer-funded budget of $ 676,000 to look into the election.

Dane County Circuit Judge Frank Remington said Tuesday he would release hundreds of pages of records related to Gableman’s work but said they showed little sign of an investigation.

“I believe it’s for every man now to examine these documents,” Remington said from the bench. “And I believe when done so (he) will come to the conclusion that this has been much to-do about nothing, that these documents do not support the argument that there has been an investigation, much less the conclusions that have been made by the Office of Special Counsel. ”

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