Steam Survey Results For February 2022 Put Linux Right Above 1.0%


After a week delay in processing the monthly Steam Survey data, the Steam Survey results for February 2022 are in! Yes, the much anticipated Steam Deck did begin shipping in February, but at the tail-end and in limited quantities, so do not expect any big surprises …

Back for January 2022, Steam on Linux had a 1.06% marketshare, which was a dip of 0.05% compared to December. Now for February 2022 the Linux percentage is coming in at 1.02%.

It still is healthy year-over-year with February 2021 having seen Steam on Linux then at 0.81%. Over the past year the Steam marketshare itself has also continued to rise significantly.

It will be interesting to see what sort of impact the Steam Deck and the pending SteamOS 3.0 public release have on these numbers over the months ahead … The Steam Deck is beginning to ship but production on the device is still ramping up over the coming months. It’s also not clear what level of Steam Survey integration will be found in the Steam Deck, if any. Steam Deck integration into the Steam Survey could skew the hardware metrics and Valve so far has been conservative about detailing any sales figures on the handheld. So we’ll see moving forward; at least with my Steam Deck testing over the past month have not seen any Steam Survey appear.

While Steam on Linux slipped by 0.04% to 1.02%, macOS saw a 0.15% decline to 2.62% while Windows rose to 96.36% marketshare.

When looking at the CPU marketshare for the Linux data, Intel lost another 1.68% to now 58.84% to AMD at 41.15%. In comparison with the Windows Steam Survey results, Intel had a 69% marketshare.

See this month’s Steam Survey metrics over on

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