Some Steam Deck Pre-Orders Are Being Delayed

In the wake of Steam Deck’s release last week, many fans are waiting anxiously for the email giving them the greenlight to order a unit of their own. Meanwhile, some further down the line are finding that they will have to wait still longer for Valve’s new handheld unit.

Over on the Steam Deck subreddit, some users are reporting that their order availability has been pushed from “Q3 2022” to “After Q3 2022.” Others report that their previously nebulous “After Q2 2022” is now a firmer “Q3 2022,” while some say they went from “After Q2” to “After Q3.” It seems that some customers are getting pushed back as other users further ahead of them are locked into a release window.

These reports are corroborated by the experiences of the IGN staff, some of whom have also had their estimated availability updated to Q3 2022 as well. One Reddit user encouraged users sitting in the “After Q3” window to not get discouraged, saying that the estimate is likely a worst case scenario.

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