Covid can lead to diabetes, warns experts. 7 symptoms indicate you are suffering from high blood sugar after infection

Apart from your respiratory organs, coronavirus can also affect other body organs like the heart, tissues and even your nervous system. Moreover, the virus can be fatal for those who have co-morbidities like hypertension, heart conditions, diabetes etc. In a more worrying sign, recent studies have also suggested that the infection can lead to high blood sugar. Here is all that you need to know about the symptoms, how serious the disease can be, and other factors to take note of:

Why Covid is leading diabetes?

Many patients who have been infected with the coronavirus are experiencing a rise in their sugar level as a post COVID complication, a study by the University of Massachusetts suggested. However, it is more of a temporary phase than a permanent thing.

In a statement lead, investigator Dr Sara Cromer said, as quoted by Express, “Instead of directly causing diabetes, COVID-19 may push patients with pre-existing but undiagnosed diabetes to see a physician for the first time, where their blood sugar disorder can be clinically diagnosed. “

Why is this a temporary phase?

The same report said it is seen that in many cases, the blood sugar level shoots up after the initial recovery from the infection but comes down after medication.

Published in the Journal of Diabetes and Complications, the researchers noted: “These patients may only need insulin or other medications for a short time”.

What are the symptoms of COVID-related diabetes?

The symptoms for COVID-induced diabetes include – Feeling thirsty, Feeling tired, Loss of appetite, Weight loss, Frequent urination, Itching around genitalia and blurred vision.

In case you have suffered from COVID recently and experiencing these symptoms, then you should consult a doctor immediately.

What kind of diabetes is it?

The researchers are still confused about what kind of diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2) it is, however, Type 1 diabetes is mostly genetic, so some scientists speculate that chance of getting this category of diabetes from coronavirus might not be possible. But, nothing can be suggested at this point of the study

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