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As rumors of Carl Pei’s Nothing phone continue to swirl and build ahead of a possible unveiling this month, we may have just caught our first glimpse of the device, though it does not tell us much about it. Leaker Evan Blass has tweeted a photo of Nothing founder Carl Pei and Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon fondling an unfamiliar device, splattered with the sort of stickers you sometimes see on engineering verification tests ahead of release.

The photo – possibly taken at MWC – is not as sharp as it could be, and the phone itself is shoved up in one corner, but it is not a model we immediately recognize. Given the context of who is holding it, our lack of recognition, and a few stickers on the back that would indicate a preproduction or engineering verification test device, there’s a possibility this is our very first blurry glimpse of the Nothing phone.


Closer, sharpened crops of the photo.

There are not enough details visible to come to any real judgments, but the phone does seem on the bigger side (that, or Pei has small hands). It’s tough to tell which details are noise or actually in the photo when looking closely, but a camera module seems just barely visible under his thumb, and there does not appear to be a rear-mounted capacitive fingerprint sensor. The sides also look hard and squared off, which would match both Nothing’s industrial design for its earbuds and recent trends in smartphones from competitors, but that could just be blur and sharpening as well.

Qualcomm’s interest in Carl Pei’s phone is more than just academic; the company is a partner of Nothing’s future hardware endeavors, an indication that the upcoming phone may use a Qualcomm chipset.

We probably will not have long to wait to hear more or confirm the few blurry details we’ve seen. Recent leaks (and Nothing’s own teasing) indicate more information could land this month.

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