New York City lifts COVID vaccine and mask mandates Monday; New Jersey ends masking for schools

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – New York City is taking another step to bounce back from the pandemic, with the city set to drop several safety protocols, including a school mask mandate and vaccination requirements for businesses.

Restaurants and indoor venues will no longer have to require proof of vaccination.

However, some public indoor businesses like Broadway shows, are keeping their mask and vaccine requirements through at least the end of this month.

You’ll also still need to wear your mask on mass transit or when you see a doctor.

In public schools, masks will be optional for students ages 5 and up.

Masks are still required for those participating in early childhood programs and in the nurse’s office.

Right now, the COVID infection rate is at 1.8%. That’s the lowest level since August.

In New Jersey, they are also ending their mask mandate for schools and daycares.

It also marks the end of New Jersey’s public health emergency on Monday.

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