March Pixel Feature Drop includes Live Caption on calls, night mode in Snapchat, and more

Google released the long-awaited Android 12L update on Monday, with many improvements to foldable phones, tablets, and other large-screen devices. However, if you have a Pixel phone, you’re also receiving a few improvements on top of thatas part of the latest Feature Drop update.

Google is adding even more functionality to Live Caption, the live transcription feature available on Pixel devices. The company said in its blog post, “now when you’re on a phone call you can see captions of what the other person says and type back a response that will be read out loud on the other end.” Essentially, you’ll be able to have a phone call completely over text messaging if the situation arises, which would be incredibly useful for people with hearing loss. The functionality will also come in handy for customer support lines that do not offer a text messaging option.

Live Caption in call demo

Source: Google

The new Feature Drop also adds support for Night Sight in Snapchat, accessible with a new moon icon in the Snapchat camera. This is just the latest example of Google working with Snapchat to offer an improved experience for Pixel owners – the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro shipped with a ‘Quick Tap to Snap’ feature, which allowed people to double-tap the back of the phone to open Snapchat directly from the lockscreen. The functionality was later rolled out to some earlier Pixel phones.

YouTube watch parties and live sharing functionality for Duo is also in the March Feature Drop, which first arrived on the Galaxy S22 series, and Samsung stated on multiple occasions that those features would remain exclusive to Galaxy phones and tablets.

Other functionality includes emoji and sticker suggestions while typing in Gboard (only for US English for now), a new interpreter mode in Google Translate activated with “Hey Google, be my Spanish interpreter,” and a new battery widget that shows the status of connected devices. Mishaal Rahman at Esper compiled a helpful table of which features are coming to which devices, embedded below, based on data from the support article linked below.

The update is rolling out now to all supported Pixel devices, except the Pixel 6, which will have to wait until later this month.

Source: Google, Pixel Phone Help

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