China reports highest COVID-19 tally since initial outbreak

China on Monday recorded the highest single day tally of infections since the outbreak in Wuhan at the beginning of the global pandemic.

The country reported 526 cases, including 312 asymptomatic patients, according to Bloomberg.

Shanghai, which has seen few significant outbreaks, reported almost 50 cases, while Qingdao saw 163, likely the result of a spike among students at a high school.

China has continued to deploy its zero-tolerance protocols, which include widespread testing and intensive lockdowns, strict policies that the country has used to keep infection rates low throughout the pandemic.

China and Hong Kong are among the final countries still upholding strict COVID-19 policies after places like Australia have moved to treat the virus as an endemic.

Earlier this month, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam told citizens not to panic as people flooded grocery stores in anticipation of a lockdown with rising infections.

Lam has said there would not be a citywide lockdown, and her administration is seeking to maintain calm as it plans an expansive testing system.

According to ReutersHong Kong is reporting an average of 43,093 new infections each day as of Sunday.

Updated: 11:32 pm

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