Warzone players discover simple method to unlock Vargo 52 in Cold War Zombies

Warzone fans have been scrambling to unlock the new Vargo 52 assault rifle and players have found an easy way to finish the challenge in Cold War Zombies.

The Vargo 52 is the newest gun to be added and it’s accessible in both Cold War and Warzone.

Call of Duty fans were surprised with a March 4 Black Ops Cold War update, which brought back the classic map WMD and the new assault rifle to the arsenal.

You need to complete a challenge to unlock it, which can be hard. But thankfully, there’s a simple trick and all you need to do is play Cold War Zombies.

How to easily unlock Vargo 52 in Cold War Zombies

To unlock the Vargo in Cold War Zombies all you need to do is collect 750 kills with a three-time Pack-a-Punched AR. While it sounds a bit difficult, one player has found an exploit for this.

On Twitter, BrunoJohn posted a clip sitting in a room and having all the zombies run directly to them. This allowed them to get the 750 kills to unlock the Vargo. And the best part is it only took them 30 minutes to complete.

To complete this, you need to load into Die Maschine and turn on the power. Once doing that you need to enter an Anomaly to open the door next to Speed ​​Cola. After completing that, find an assault rifle and Pack-a-Punch it three times.


The Vargo 52 is simple to unlock in Cold War Zombies.

Now, all you have to do is sit in the door that was opened from the Anomaly near Speed ​​Cola. By being in this room all of the zombies will run right at you.

Since you have a packed weapon, you will mow down the zombies and fly through the rounds, accumulating the 750 kills needed in just about 30 minutes.

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