Some New PS Plus Subscribers Claim They Are Getting PlayStation Now for Free

Some new PlayStation Plus subscribers claim that they were given free subscriptions of PlayStation Now to go along with PS Plus.

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Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Sony is planning to somehow combine its PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions to create a brand-new service codenamed Project Spartacus. According to reports from reliable insiders, Project Spartacus will apparently be Sony’s attempt at competing with Xbox Game Pass, and it will offer subscribers access to a wide-range of games, including classic titles. Nothing official has been announced so far, but there is new evidence that Sony may very well be planning to combine its services.


As reported by IGN Italia and PlayStation Lifestyle, some NeoGAF users have been getting a free PlayStation Now subscription upon renewing their PS Plus. Usually, PlayStation gamers would have to subscribe to each service separately, as they offer very different perks. PlayStation Plus gets players a handful of free games every month plus access to online multiplayer, whereas PlayStation Now is primarily a streaming service for games.

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While it’s possible this is because Sony is gearing up to launch Project Spartacus, it’s also entirely possible that this is just a PlayStation Store bug and does not mean anything. After all, this would not be the first time something weird popped up on the PlayStation Store only for nothing to ever really come of it.

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Some may recall when PS3 games appeared on the PlayStation Store, which itself was used as evidence that Sony was getting ready to launch its Game Pass competitor. Nothing came of that yet, but some might look at these two situations and believe that it’s all more than just a coincidence. But while Sony could very well be getting ready to launch Project Spartacus soon, it’s best for fans to keep their expectations in check and not get too excited.

There’s some speculation that if Project Spartacus is launched or revealed soon that it could happen at the next PlayStation State of Play event. A new PlayStation State of Play also has not been officially announced at the time of this writing, but rumors have been persistent that a new State of Play could be happening this month. Fans should find out whether or not there’s any truth to those claims sooner rather than later.

Regardless if some users getting free PlayStation Now subscriptions with PS Plus is on purpose or a bug, Project Spartacus leaks have come from reliable sources and so it seems like its reveal will be a matter of when, not if. Fans just should not count on this weird PlayStation Now and PS Plus situation as being concrete proof of its existence.

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Source: NeoGAF, IGN Italia (via PlayStation Life)

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