How to Fix Steam Restart Required Loop

There’s a new bug plaguing Elden Ring players by constantly requiring a Steam restart. Here’s how to fix the issue!

Elden Ring is known to be an extremely difficult game to play. However, right now the game itself is proving difficult even to boot up!

Recently, Bandai Namco released a much-needed tweak to the PC version of Elden ring. And in doing so, it appears to have finally fixed the Elden Ring Steam Cloud sync conflict issues that were causing players to lose progress.

Elden Ring Restart Required

Reddit: loxivit

However, as one solution appears, another problem is arising. Now, users are finding themselves stuck in an endless ‘Steam Restart Required’ loop when booting up Elden Ring.

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for this issue.

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Steam Restart Required Issue for Elden Ring – FIXED

To stop Elden Ring from requiring a constant stream of Steam restarts, here’s what you need to do:

  • Simply click Steam in the top-left corner of your application, then hit Check for Steam Client Updates.
  • If this isn’t enough to alleviate the issue, an alternative fix is ​​to go to Steam – Settings – Account – Change (Beta Participation) – Steam Beta Update – OK
  • After that, simply restart Steam completely and Elden Ring should boot up again without needing a restart!

This solution comes from Reddit user Vurrz who, judging by the replies, has saved a lot of people from losing their minds over the issue!

PC players, did you know there’s a way to unlock Elden Ring’s frame rate and also use a Photo mode?

Despite issues like the above, there are a fair number of advantages to playing on Steam, after all.

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