GrapheneOS is bringing secure PDF and photography apps to the Google Play Store

Search camera apps on the Play Store and you can end up scrolling for what seems like hours. It’s great to have so many choices, but also a little overwhelming, and in settling on the one you want it can be easy to forget that security and privacy may not always be top priorities in the app’s development. So it’s good news to learn that GrapheneOS has created a couple of apps for which personal privacy is number one.

As first noted by XDA, the GrapheneOS apps are Secure Camera and Secure PDF, and yes, they are all about privacy. Secure Camera plays well with phones like the Google Pixel line and can handle a variety of common tasks beyond photography like scanning QR codes and regular barcodes. Secure Camera only asks for camera access and takes steps with storage and sound recording that do not require any other permissions. It will ask for location permission if geotagging is already turned on and automatically strips the EXIF ​​metadata from your photos. As for Secure PDF, it follows suit safety-wise and requires no special permissions to do its job.


Since they are open-source, you can take a look at the code for Secure Camera and Secure PDF on Github. Both are available on the Google Play Store now, just click below.

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