Fall Guys’ latest crossover with the Astro franchise coming March 8

Currently sitting near the end of its sixth season, Fall Guys is slated to get another major collaboration very soon. We’ve seen tons of crossovers from different franchises since the game’s release, with the Astro series being the latest addition.

Beginning March 8, players will be able to run around as a Fall Guys bean approximation of Astro Bot. Astro Bot is the cutesy machine that got its start in the PlayStation VR-exclusive Astro Bot Rescue Mission before reaching a larger audience with Astro’s Playroom on PS5.

In addition to Team Asobi’s platforming mascot, a T-Rex costume will be available for purchase from March 10 to March 13. The T-Rex in question isn’t just any old dinosaur. It’s a direct reference to the final boss of Astro’s Playroom. According to the team, it required more iteration and design work to translate than Astro Bot, which already closely matched the Fall Guys aesthetic.

Astro Bot is not the first PlayStation-exclusive character to make its way to Fall Guys. We’ve previously seen Aloy from the Horizon series and Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet. Even a Bugsnax collaboration occurred earlier this year. There have also been plenty of other special events, which have included characters from other media frachises such as The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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