Xiaomi Mi Band 7 might include a larger, always-on display and new power saving features

One of the best budget fitness bands is getting even better

Not everyone needs a full-fledged smartwatch. Options like the Galaxy Watch4 are great if you want a proper companion to your smartphone, but if fitness tracking capabilities are all you need, then a fitness band might suit you a lot better. They’re notably more basic in design and features, but they’re also way cheaper. Xiaomi’s Mi Band lineup makes for some great options, competing directly with the likes of Fitbit. The latest entry, the Mi Band 6, launched last year, and thanks to a new leak, we now have some info on what its successor might look like.

Magical Unicorn, who gave us tantalizing details on its predecessor before launch, discovered some info on the upcoming Mi Band 7 by looking through the Zepp app. It shows us the device model names (M2129B1 & M2130B1) and CMIIT IDs (2022DP1794 & 2022DP1805), as well as confirmation on the final branding (Xiaomi Smart Band 7). There are some immediate differences we can gather from here. First off, a slight change to the screen size. One of the Mi Band 6’s main improvements over its predecessor was its taller, higher-resolution 152×486 display. Its successor will go one step further with a 192×490 screen. The device will also come with at least seven different watch faces, along with an always-on display feature utilizing a simple, black-and-white watch face.


Some strings in the app also hint at some upcoming features. You might be able to protect your band with a passcode for extra security, along with a “smart alarm” feature returning from the original Mi Band that will “calculate the optimal time to wake you from light sleep within 30 minutes before the set alarm. ” We might also get a new battery saver mode to stretch the band’s lifespan even longer, along with GPS support for tracking runs and other exercises.

It’s a tantalizing slate of features, and if it has a similar price as previous units – you can currently grab the Mi Band 6 for less than $ 50 – it might be a mighty fine option for those of you who do not feel like splurging over $ 200 for an actual smartwatch.

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