Obligatory vaccine for laboratories over 50 dal 15 febbraio: le sanzioni

If so,allegation of anti-Covid misconductthanks to the virus that feeds on its corsa, with the curve of contagi and dei discoveri in discesa (qui gli ultimi dati Iss). Merito dei vaccini, which finally led to a relatively “pacific” conviction with Covid. But the government will not have indie marcia on the rule of labor: Draghi insists on the need to protect them labor.

Green pass, fino a quando?

The first step towards the return to normalcy, however, there are no other variants to avoid the Oms, is that which togliere l’obbligo di indossare le mascherine all’aperto (which when commune obligatory obligatory, also to apert). Poi is arrived at the reopening of the discotheque e ora trova spazio l’ipotesi dell ‘addio al green passeven if its date is still very uncertain.

While at an early stage it seems that the Executive Spingesse is going to eliminate it in prime time, in good faith with the end of the state of emergency on March 31 or even first, it seems even more plausible the hypothesis that is going on. The green pass will probably continue to be rich in general in public places, even beyond the 15th of Junedata in which will end the vaccination obligation for those over 50.

Vaccination which, as a matter of fact, is slow. All’11 febbraio, secondo i dati ufficiali forniti dal Governo, results from over 5 million Italians without vaccines (5,339,679 per employee): person who has not yet received a single dose, a peral number that does not include guarantors not vaccinated at least 6 months (which has 8 “spia” syndromes of the Omicron variant).

Must da martedì 15 febbraio in tutta Italia scatta un nuovo obbligo: tutti gli over 50 dovranno essere vaccinati per poter lavorare. And yet, since February 15, the super green pass has been open to public and private laborers for 50 years.

“The controversy over the guard with a suspicious and thoughtful certificate that the vaccine obligation for those over 50 is a right and courageous choice. I believe that we should still insist on our vaccines, ”commented the Minister of Salute Roberto Speranza on“ Mezz’ora in più ”on Rai3.

“The vaccination campaign is a state of emergency, with 91% of people over the age of 12 being vaccinated and therefore suffering from dementia and other illnesses”. “We reiterate all the activity, the discotheque is the only one that is worthwhile, although these are the norms that must be strictly enforced, if they can only be admitted if they are vaccinated and there is still a limit of 50%. I think that in this double phase we will have the courage to reduce all economic, social and cultural activity in terms of redundancy, ”he concluded.

For these, the vaccine obligation to work

Ma vediamo nel dettaglio le rule for the work. How sappiamo, for some professional category vige the vaccine obligation goes from time to time, otherwise the green pass base is obligatory. We look at what we are doing and see what the differences are.

L ‘obbligo di vaccino anti-Covid vige per tutte queste categorie de la laboratori:

  • sanitary and administrative staff of the sanitary
  • teachers and administrative staff of the school
  • military
  • police force, including the penitentiary police
  • staff of the public association
  • University staff (from 1 ° February, without limits)
  • tutti i lavoratori over 50, sia publblici che privati ​​(dal 15 febbraio).

For all these laborers va da sé che is obligatory to possess ed esibire the super green passhe received the green certificate for the vaccination or vaccination of Covid from the month of 6 months (which all the activity in which it is obligatory to have the super green pass of 10 gennaio and which the street of 1 ° February).

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Obbligo vaccinale e super green pass per tutti gli over 50

One of the most important news is without any other relationship to the over 50s. For all the laborers who have been here for 50 yearsis the public settler of that private, as dicevamo from the 15th of february vige the vaccination obligation: even if you have to work hard you will need to find and show the green pass.

The over 50 that will work to demonstrate to have effected two doses or the booster because the vaccine is valid for the full cycle. Second to the standard in force, from 15 February 2022, I have applied to those who applied the vaccine obligation for access to labor in the ambit of the national territory, must possess and are required to obtain one of the certificates of value Covid vaccination or vaccination.

Dall’obbligo vaccinale è sentento solo chi non può Vaccinarsi per sanitarie ragioniprevi accertamento di pericolo per la salute, in relation to specific clinical conditions documented, attestale dal medico di medicina generique dell’assistito o dal medico vaccinatore, e chi è guarito dal Covid da meno di 120 giorni e deve quindi aspettare 4 mesi prima di un’ulteriore dose.

Obligation of green pass, the sanctions

As far as all the other jobs and professions are concerned, there are no employees who are less than 50 years old, the super green pass is not mandatory to recreate on the work of labor. To get to work is the green pass base is sufficient, which also has to be obtained from a rapid negative tampon (which has a validity of 48 hours), or molecular (which has a validity of 72 hours).

For those over 50 who entered the 1st ° February non-Sian messi in regular and non-general initiation of the primary vaccine cycle, oa declare from 1 ° February non-first effect the dose of completion of the first primary vaccine cycle and non-first term effected the dose of rich entry within the expiration dates of the green pass, is given state a up to a fee of 100 euros.

The computer data, dated 15 February, were used to verify the value of the certifications. Laborers who are not probationers will be considered unjustified and suspicious without a scholarshipeven if the right to preserve the proper post of work is maintained.

Fino al 15 giugno 2022 i datori di lavoro, independentemente dal numere di dipendenti dell’azienda (è venuto meno il tetto dei 15 dependendi), after 5 days of uninsured care can be suspended from laborers for the duration of the contract of employment stipulated for the constitution, communically, for a non-superior period of 10 working days, renewable until the end of 15 days.

Riassumendo, dunque, ecco le Sanctions provided for those who do not respect the law:

  • a fine of 100 euros
  • suspension from work, without payment
  • sanction of 600 to 1,500 for those who work without a green pass is rejected. In the case of violated rights, the sanction has been overturned
  • up to 400 to 1,000 for work computers that must be checked and not found.


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