Ranking of the QBs after Day 1 of Under Armor All-America Exercises

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Exercise #1 is in the books and we take a close look at quarterback position.

As the media day was canceled on Tuesday, tonight’s evening session was our first look at the two teams, Team Legends and Team Icons.

Each team was expected to have three quarterbacks on each side, but Team Legends was without LSU tied Walker Howard and Utah signer Nate Johnson. Here’s a look at the signal callers for both sides.

Team Legends

Steve Angelic, Westfield (NJ) Mountains Catholic- Notre Dame

AJ Swann , White (Ga.) Cherokee-Vanderbilt

Team icons

AJ Duffy, Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy- Florida State

Holden Geriner, Savannah (Ga.) Benedictine Army- Auburn

Conner Weigman, Cypress (Texas) Bridgeland- Texas A&M

Today was a lot of setup, but the signal callers still got a lot of throws during one on one. Here’s our look at how the quarterbacks fared after training #1 and this ranking is based solely on today’s performance, not recruiting potential.

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