Day 1 of Under Armor All America Exercises

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida – Wednesday’s roundup of top performers after the first day of training in preparation for Sunday’s Under Armor All-America Game.

alpha dog

Attacking Lineman Devon Campbell

Getting into practice number one and setting the tone was Devon Campbell as our Alpha Dog. Arlington (Texas) Bowie’s offensive lineman showed his versatility down the line, recording reps. He is a powerfully built player with very good speed and takes the ball. When you couple that with a powerful punch and playing with a good pad level, it’s easy to see why he’s an elite forward. In 1-on-1s, Campbell lined up at right tackle, right guard and center without missing a beat and winning all of his reps. The number 10 nationally in the 247Sports composite has a very bright future ahead of it. Texas and Oklahoma compete for his signature.

Watch Campbell perform in the trenches here.

Next five violation

WR, Luther Burden, East St. Louis (Ill.) – Burden makes the list by showing off his full skills tonight. He played strong, fast and physically and used good athleticism to win many reps in the evening. Catching his passes is very natural and consistent whether he’s in the open field or in traffic coming across the center. Burden still has room to grow physically in his upper body, which will only bode well for him in his college career. The Missouri signatory is nationally rated as the No. 3 player in the 247Sports Composite

WR, evan stewart, Frisco (Texas) Liberty – Stewart shows his elite his speed from the start. He showed a nice ability to open up with his releases and fly around the corner ridges. Jumping in his stride and bursting from the ball, he scored on goalscored times during the 1-on-1s. You could see his ability to create separation and pick the ball out of thin air all night long. Stewart can be in and out of the slot and threaten home runs to happen. Stewart is a signatory to Texas A&M.

WR, Kaden Saunders, Westerville (Ohio) South – Saunders, a Penn State signer had a very good day outside the gate. With a well built frame along with good size and build, he is a very smooth athlete who understands how to set up his routes with tempo and tempo off the ball. He flashed his outburst, speed and ability to separate consistently, allowing him to win both in the 1 on 1 and in a team. He showed that he is an important factor as a final receiver with a lot of fun.

WR, Chris Marshall, Missouri City (Texas) Fort Bend Marshall – The first thing that struck me was his height and height. If you look at over six feet with a muscular frame, you will like the look of this man from the jump. Once practice started, the big wide receiver made a ton of plays and flashed a talent to open up. He was also able to pop the top and score on a deep flying pattern. Marshall still has a lot of room to grow and develop in his game with unlimited possibilities. Like Stewart, Marshall signed with the Aggies.

WR, Aaron Anderson, New Orleans (La.) Karr – This powerfully built lock caused trouble for the defensive backs that had to cover it all night. His ability to change speed stood out all night. He put this to good use in setting up his cuts in and out of his breaks. At times he was able to open it and his speed was evident to the Alabama signee and No. 96 nationally player in the 247Sports Composite.

Top five defense

CB, Daylen Everette, Bradenton (Fla.) IMG – The Georgia signatory and No. 29-rated player nationally in the 247Sports composite rankings had a very good first day. This well put together player with a muscular frame and build shows competitiveness at the catch point and great speed. He had some nice pass-breakups, doing a good job closing the airspace and playing the ball.

CB, Will Johnson, Grosse Pointe (Mich.) South – The 6-foot-2 plus cornerback looks good with a very good length. Johnson showed up in 1-on-1s and made game after game. Playing out the technique, he did a good job with route recognition and leveraging the receivers and flipping his hips. Using a good closing speed he was able to make some pass break ups. The Michigan signer is the No. 20 player in the 247Sports Composite rankings.

dl, Walter Nolen, Powell (Tenn.) High-Nolen seems to have leaned a bit out of the season and he bounced in his step. The Nations No. 2 player in the 247Sports Composite rankings is erratic. At half speed in the 1-on-1s, it was very clear with his size, strength and agility that he was an elite talent. The Texas A&M signatory will continue to thrive in the weight space and more general development with time.

CB, Bobby Taylor Katy (Texas) High-Taylor has the length you want in a defensive back. He was very smooth and steady in his pedal when taking his reps today. He did well not only in 1-on-1’s, but also in the 7-on-7 portion with his eyes in the right place and triggering to make plays for the ball. The Texas A&M signatory certainly started the week well.

S- Robert Spears-Jennings Broken Arrow (Okla.) The Oklahoma signer is what you want physically with broad shoulders and a frame to add more weight to his physique. He showed himself well in cover all night and made plays with an excellent closing speed. He showed excellent speed by winning the fastest man race and coming in with a high time of 4.4 on the clock.

More from the area

Texas signer Just Umeozulu had a strong day in line on left tackle and left in the night. With good suppleness and feet he showed himself well in the evening in 1-on-1’s.

Popeye Williams, a Louisville signee had some nice rushes where you could see his athleticism flashing along with an above average first step off the ball.

North Carolina Signatory Zach Rice seems to lean forward and did a good job on a right tackle in the 1-on-1’s with a nice stone on a defender with a quick set punch that stopped him in his tracks.

Jeremiah Alexander, the Alabama signer showed the first move you see on film, along with the ability to stay unblocked by using his club rush move in pass rush.

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