THE SNOW ON THE PLAIN FOR THE EXPERIENCE! The news has just arrived and it is sensational … »

Weather: SNOW IN THE PLAIN for the EXPERIENCE! The news has just arrived and it’s sensational …

Latest news for the immaculate conception: possible arrival of snow on the plainsSnow on the plain for the immaculate conception. This is the sensational news that has just arrived from our latest updates Official app with a view to the first December holiday with the more than concrete option frost and snowfall in different regions.

The ordinary winter is therefore knocking on Italy’s doors and will make its effects noticeable very cold e temperatures down to below the climate average.

To better understand the expected development, we must, as usual, take a look at the picture European where it is clear that Italy may already be hit by one next weekendwave of frost from previous years withand temperatures that were to drop sharply due to the arrival of icy streams from Russia (-15 ° C at 850 hPa, approx. 1500 meters above sea level). This kind of configuration allows the formation of the classic on the northern plains Padano pude, i.e. a layer of very cold air close to the ground with temperatures well below 0 ° C.

TENAGLIA MANOVER Subsequently, just to coincide with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, our attention is focused on the North Atlantic sector, where a great depression driven by polar currents ready to invest first the British Isles and then also France. This unstable current would then end its run in the Mediterranean basin by diving directly from The gateway to the Rhone around 7-8 December. Therefore, one would be finished seaweed maneuver with Italy sandwiched between the icy cold on one side and the disturbed entrance on the other. If this was confirmed, it is not excluded that one could be formed cyclogenesis just between the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea capable of causing many Rain starting from Center Nord. Be careful, because given the very cold temperatures in Italy, also thanks to the Padano cushion, it can return there name with flakes up to the plains bleaching cities like Cuneo, Turin, Genoa, Milan, Bergamo by extension also to Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

Risk of snow and frost for the immaculate conceptionRisk of snow and frost for the immaculate conception


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