ARCTIC IRRUPTION in progress, SNOW REMEDIES up to the SLOPE with Tormente! Evolution NEXT HOURS »

LIVE WEATHER: ARCTIC IRRUPTION in progress, SNOW storms up to THE HILL with Tormente! Evolution NEXT HOURS

Plenty of snow on the Apennines up to the hills*UPDATE *
The latest elaborations of the European Center
confirm the arrival of real snowstorms on Italy and attention, watch out for surprises: this time the flags could reach even very low odds due to the additional raid cold air rising from the Arctic Circle.

But let’s get right to it by analyzing all the details to better identify the areas involved and the expected accumulations.

In fact, the meteorological scenario for these hours is practically winter in many areas of Center-South.
That name falls widely on many stretches ofCentral-southern Apennines at very low altitudes for the period, about 5-700 meters.
In the province Viterbo “la dama bianca” falls abundantly even around 450m (here the video); the mountains of Sardinia are also white, with lots of snow at altitudes above 1000 m. There name he then also made his appearance in Campobasso during the morning of Monday, November 29th. Whitewashed cars in Campobasso.  Source: primonumero.itWhitewashed cars in Campobasso. Source:

And where it is not there name to be masters, they think about it raining no temporally which in these hours mostly strikes Sardinia, Campania, Calabria, Lazio. Snowfall in Desulo (NOW) photo instagram @ danielamelis.itSnowfall in Desulo (NOW) photo instagram @

But be aware next hours. Seen the longer decrease in temperatures will be possible abundant snowfall the rest of the day on Monday the 29th, also in the form of storm on reliefs of Go, Abruzzo, Molise, Lazio, Sardinia, Campania, Calabria e Basilicata starting from 500 meters, but locally at even lower altitudes in the evening.
That accumulate they really become remarkable over 1000 meters, with more than 50-60 cm of snow at the end of the event.

But that’s not all. After a temporary break today Tuesday, November 30th, between Wednesday and Thursday, other snowfalls will again affect our mountains. To the north, the white lady will return to descend above 700-900 meters, in the Center from 1300 meters and in the South over 1600 meters.


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