Ottawa Senators: Tkachuk responds after biting incident

OTTAWA – Ottawa Senators captain Brady Tkachuk has accused LA Kings’ Brendan Lemieux of biting him during a fight in Saturday night’s game in Los Angeles.

Tkachuk and Lemieux got into a fight in the third period, after which Tkachuk said Lemieux had bitten him in the hand. Lemieux received a match penalty after the incident.

After speaking to the media after the match, Tkachuk could barely contain his contempt.

“I think it’s the most discouraged thing anyone could ever do,” Tkachuk said. “This guy is just – you can ask any of his teammates, no one wants to play with him – this guy is a bad guy, bad teammate. The guy is a joke. He should not be in the league. The guy is gutless.”

The incident began after Tkachuk pushed Blake Lizotte after a whistle with 6:09 left in the third period. Lemieux came in and he and Tkachuk started fighting and eventually fell to the ice with line judges trying to pull the two apart. That was when Tkachuk, who showed a bleeding hand to officials, said Lemieux had bitten him.

“I can not really wrap my head about it. Kids do not even do this. This guy is just a bad guy and not even a good player,” Tkachuk told reporters. “It’s outrageous.”

King’s head coach Todd McLellan addressed the incident after the match.

“First of all, it’s wrong if it happened. We do not want it to happen,” he said. “And secondly, it’s not a good situation to put the team in, not only tonight, but also going forward.”

McLellan said Lemieux has become a valuable player and he needs to understand that.

“If we happen to lose him for a period of time, we will miss him and he needs to understand how valuable he has become.”

The NHL’s player safety department said Lemieux has been offered a personal hearing via Zoom. Date and time have not yet been announced.

The Kings defeated the Senators 4-2 to get a five-game slip while giving Sens their fifth loss in a row.

The senators host the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday at the Canadian Tire Center.

–With files from TSN 1200 and The Associated Press.


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