OC Transpo offers free transit in December, and Farm Boy celebrates a milestone: Five stories to see in Ottawa this week

OTTAWA – All eyes on COVID-19 cases in Ottawa, while childhood vaccinations continue, OC Transpo offers free service until December, and an Ottawa-based grocery store turns 40 years old.

CTVNewsOttawa.ca is looking at five stories to watch in Ottawa this week.


Ottawa Public Health will continue its pressure to get COVID-19 vaccines in the arms of children and keep an eye on a new COVID-19 variant this week as the city sees its highest one-day increase in new cases in eight weeks.

There were 61 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Ottawa on Sunday, the largest one-day jump since Oct. 3. Twenty-four of the 61 new cases of COVID-19 involved residents under the age of 20.

COVID-19 pediatric vaccination clinics will continue to operate in seven locations in Ottawa this week, and Ottawa Public Health plans to release details of their pop-up clinics in schools.

It all comes while the world keeps an eye on the new omicron variant of coronavirus. Researchers in South Africa identified the variant last week.

Canada has banned all foreign nationals who have traveled through southern Africa within the last 14 days.


As of Tuesday, you will not need to provide evidence of a negative molecular COVID-19 test when returning home from short trips to the United States.

The federal government says as of Nov. 30 that fully vaccinated Canadians and permanent residents returning home after less than 72 hours in the United States will no longer have to provide evidence of a negative PCR test.

The requirement for molecular testing will still apply to trips abroad lasting more than 72 hours.

The government says travelers are still required to enter their travel information into the ArriveCan app and will be responsible for maintaining evidence of their 72-hour window to show airlines, airlines and officials when necessary.


Ottawa transit riders can ride for free with OC Transpo buses and the O train in December.

As of Dec. 1, the city offers free transit through the city throughout the month following a fall in which the Confederation Line was out of service for 54 days after a derailment on Sept. 19.

Mayor Jim Watson proposed the idea of ​​free transit in December back in September.

“This is to thank our residents for their patience and loyalty,” Watson said on Twitter. “A regular monthly fare holder will save over $ 122 while helping our small businesses recover from the pandemic of the holiday season.”

OC Transpo says that fares at all O-train stations will be open and that ticket boxes and smartcard readers on all OC Transpo buses will be covered.

All Para Transpo travel during December will be free.

Ottawa LRT


The Transportation Committee will on Wednesday vote on a proposal to eliminate red reversals at intersections across Ottawa.

The red light technology, called ‘red reverts’ or ‘revert reds’, is a sensor in an intersection that detects when a bicycle or vehicle is on it.

Before the light changes, the sensor performs a final check to ensure that there is still a car or bicycle on the sensor. If there is, the light turns green. But if not, the light stays red and the intersecting street returns to green light after five seconds.

grev. Jeff Leiper urges the council to get rid of the technology and says it poses a safety risk to cyclists.

“If you are a pedestrian or motorist, you have some expectations of how a traffic light will behave. If you see that the traffic that goes across gets a yellow or yellow light, you have a really strong expectation that, that you are getting a green, ”says Leiper.

“If an intersection discovers that there is a cyclist by it, the cyclist must be given the green light, regardless of whether they have left the dots or not. The number of times there is a false discovery of some kind must be minimal in the grand scheme of millions of vehicle movements we have in the city each year. “

City staff, including police and firefighters, are opposed to eliminating red returns at intersections.

The Department of Public Works says the change will have a “significant” impact on intersections working on detection, including more cases of driving red lights and walking.



The Ottawa-based grocery chain Farm Boy turns 40 this week.

Jean-Louis and Colette Bellemare opened the first Farm Boy store in Cornwall on December 2, 1981.

Today, there are 42 Farm Boy stores in Ontario, including 16 in Ottawa.

The Farm Boy website says that Jean-Louis and Colette opened the first store with one goal in mind: “to bring their community the freshest products to the best value.”

Peasant boy



Ottawa Board of Health meeting – at. 17.00


Ottawa Public Library Board Meeting – 6 p.m. 17.00


OC Transpos free transit month begins

Proof of vaccination required for all guests aged 12 and over at Ottawa-Gatineau National Museums

Ottawa Transportation Committee meeting – at. 9:30

Ottawa Senators Host Vancouver Canucks – 7:30 PM (TSN 1200)


CTV Morning Live Holiday Helpers Food Drive

Ottawa’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee Meeting – 6 p.m. 10.00


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