You can fly from Vancouver round trip to Kauai for $ 325 CAD

Vancouverites who want to escape the winter blues can take advantage of a smorgasbord of cheap Black Friday deals this week.

If you want to travel to Hawaii, booking through a travel search engine is your ticket at the cheapest fare.

While Honolulu tickets will cost you over $ 400 CAD, a return ticket to breathtaking Kauai costs just over $ 320 CAD including all taxes and fees.

If you book through Skyscanner, there are several dates to choose from for return direct WestJet flights to Kauai at low prices. For example, the flight below departs on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 and returns one week later on Tuesday, January 18, 2022. Both flights are direct and the total cost comes to $ 325.46 CAD including taxes and fees.

Hawaii has recently updated its travel rules for visitors. Find out everything you need to know before packing your suitcase.

Photo via Skyscanner
Photo via Skyscanner

COVID-19 travel self-test kit

There are several clinics on the lower mainland that you can visit to get the negative coronavirus test result needed to travel.

COVID-19 travel testing can cost up to $ 150 CAD per person, although prices vary. Learn more about the process and some local companies providing the tests.

To test from home, a Canadian company sells portable self-administered COVID-19 molecular and antigen test kits to avoid the hassle of visiting clinics. Learn more about the company and its self-test process.

Do not have your Canadian vaccination passport yet?

British Colombians wishing to travel now have the option to download the new federal proof of vaccination – but there are a few things to consider before booking a flight.

On October 29, Canada’s vaccine card was made available to residents of BC who wish to travel in Canada and internationally.

Find out how you can get your federal proof of vaccination.

You can book your WestJet flight through Skyscanner online.

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