MPP urges Ontario to take over responsibility for Hwy. 174 at the eastern end of Ottawa

OTTAWA – Orleans MPP Stephen Blais calls on the Ontario government to take responsibility for Regional Road 174 from the city of Ottawa.

Blais introduced the Uploading Highways 174 and 17 Act, 2021, which would return both ways to provincial jurisdiction after being downloaded to the municipalities by the progressive conservative government of Mike Harris back in the 1990s.

“A generation ago, the then Conservative government chose to download Highways 174 and 17 to the municipalities,” Blais said in a statement.

“While it was a convenient way to ease the tax pressure in Queen’s Park, local property taxpayers got stuck on the bill.”

According to Blais, the city of Ottawa has spent “at least $ 40 million in capital and operating expenses” on the 27-mile highway between Highway 417 and Canaan Road.

In 2014, the Progressive Conservatives promised to upload responsibility for the road at the eastern end of Ottawa to the province if the party won the provincial election.

Speaking at the Legislative Assembly in Ontario on Wednesday, Blais noted that former PC leader Tim Hudak promised to upload the highway within 100 days if the Progressive Conservatives won the 2014 election.

“It’s been 1,216 days since this government took office, 1,216 days, Mr President, and there has been no action. The premiere likes to say yes,” Blais said as he was cut off from vandalism in Queen’s Park.

“Will (Premier Doug Ford) finally say yes to the people of Wendover, the residents of Rockland, to the residents of Ottawa, will the premiere finally say yes to the residents of Orleans, approve Bill 26 and upload Highway 174 and 17.”

In 2013, the council adopted a proposal calling on the province to take over responsibility for Highway 174.


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