Tens of thousands on waiting lists for safe space for storing bicycles, figures show


one in thousands of city dwellers are on waiting lists for a safe place to park their bikes, figures show.

And since many cities have no facilities for residents to store their bikes, the campaigns call for more funding of advice to offer secure parking on residential roads to help operate clean transportation.

Figures obtained by the PA news agency revealed that the demand for bicycle hangars on the street — safe, covered spaces for residents to park their bikes — massively exceeds supply.

There are only 20,000 hangar seats, with more than 51,000 people on waiting lists.

The vast majority of hangars are in London, where they have proven to be very popular.

Some boroughs of London have thousands of residents on the waiting list for a place where they can safely park their bikes on the street.

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Only a few other council areas in the UK were found to have hangars, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol and Salford.

Hundreds of people were on the waiting list for bicycle parking in each of the Scottish towns.

Among the cities that said they did not have hangars were Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle.

The figures also show that in some areas it may be more expensive to secure a bicycle parking space for a year than to pay for the cheapest annual resident’s parking permit for a car, for example for an electric or low-emission vehicle.

Covered hangars on the street typically have room for six bicycles and take up as much space as a single car.

They provide a lockable, dry space for bicycles for an annual fee for people who may not have room for them at home.

Lack of space can deter people from owning a bicycle or force them to stay outside where they are at greater risk of being stolen.


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