“When a higher order arrived, there was an agreement with No green pass” – Libero Quotidiano

From the office Non è arenena at La7, lawyer Carlo Taormina launches the attack on Luciana Lamorgese for what happened last Saturday in Rome, with attacks on the CGIL headquarters by dozens of No Green pass protesters. Taormina is legal for Forza Nuova leaders, accused by investigators of organizing the violent protest. “Castellino, like Fiore and the others, has taken to the streets every Saturday since mid-July. The lawyer reminds Massimo Giletti – a cautious police force could have done something more. Castellino was subjected to preventive measures, so the authorities should have intervened: there is a minister who has not performed his duty ”.

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So the background: “The reconstruction must be done with great attention. I take responsibility for what I want to say now. There was an agreement with Digos. After the peaceful and joyful demonstration, there are those who say go to Palazzo Chigi. Castellino says no “he was afraid something might happen. They talk to Digos, starting with Aronica talking and asking to be taken by CGIL. They make the deal, the police blockade continues, and they go after”.

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“It has been 20 minutes since the request for permission for the arrival of the superior order. If Aronica had said ‘do not bother us and go away’, no one would go to CGIL,” Taormina continues. Even Gianluigi Paragone, very close to the No Green pass, warms up: “Come on, you got them infoiati from the stage …”. And Giletti: “You can not believe that it has not been organized for a while by the extremists”. “But there are also those who tolerated it,” adds Francesco Storace.

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