Vancouver companies’ hopeful sales increase when the NHL restarts

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The owner of a sports shop in Vancouver hopes the Canucks’ return will increase sales, though the only way to watch Wednesday’s games is to sit in a local pub.

John Czvelka says pre-season business at Vancity Sports, near Seymour and Dunsmuir, is still slow, so he’s nervous about how well the team is doing early.

“It must be a good start. Quick start. This city is not patient, ”he said laughing.

‘If they come back with a decent record when they come back, it can get a hype. And if the stadium gets full capacity, they will definitely increase a little more foot traffic in the center, ”he adds.

But foot traffic near Rogers Arena will only increase when BC’s chief physician lifts the capacity indoor retail limits in time for Canucks’ first home game, which falls on October 26.

“Absolutely, it will bring more people to the center. Not just season ticket holders. Fans of the other teams. It has definitely been a long, long, long distance, ”he said.

Czvelka says his business during the pandemic fell about 90 percent, but online sales have been strong enough to prevent him from raising prices.

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Meanwhile, Brianna Rossi, General Manager at St. Augustine’s, proud of her Canucks jersey as she welcomes hockey lovers back to the Commercial Drive brewery.

“We are in a pretty prime location. The staff is quite excited to have lots of people left. We also have a lot of fans here. We are happy to have lots of people back and buzzing, ”she told NEWS 1130.

And she adds, she thinks it really matters if the team wins.

She adds that after being born and raised in Vancouver, she is a die-hard fan, so she has been looking forward to the season.

“I have been waiting for hockey to come back, like a little, even a little distracted. And it’s something to look forward to and things we can do. Here we have our own hockey pools that happen in our kitchen with our staff and things we do here. So it’s just an exciting time in general – especially the last few years with the team, where the team has gotten better. And just the superstars we have are pretty cool to look at and fun to watch. ”

Wednesday’s season opener is in Edmonton.

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