Doctors accuse Sajid Javid of being ‘free’ after canceling speeches by a doctor

CLaudia Webbe, the former Labor MP, has been warned that she faces a possible prison sentence after being convicted of harassment over a series of threatening phone calls she made to a former boyfriend of her partner.

Webbe, now self-employed for Leicester East, was found guilty of the charge after a court heard how she had threatened Michelle Merritt with acid and told her she would send nude photos of her to her daughters.

The MP, who received grade references from Jeremy Corbyn, former Labor leader and colleague MP Dianne Abbott, had claimed that her phone call was merely intended to warn Mrs Merritt not to break Covid rules by meeting her boyfriend during the lockdown.

However, Chief Justice Paul Goldspring dismissed her defense, warning her that she was facing a possible jail sentence when she was sentenced on Nov. 4.

He said: “I do not find that the defendant is convincing, convincing and truthful in all aspects of her evidence … In short, I find Mrs Webbe vague, incoherent and at times illogical, and in the end I think she is untrue. ”


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