Brian Laundrie’s creepy Instagram art grabs the attention of the internet

The world is looking for Gabby Petito, a 22-year-old woman from New York who was reported missing last Saturday (September 11).

She was on a road trip in a white 2012 Ford Transit bus across America with her fiancé Brian Laundrie when she disappeared.

Brian bizarrely returned home without her, prompting her family to report her missing and launch a police investigation.

“According to family, they last had contact with her in the last week of August. Petito would have been at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming prior to the last communication,” the Suffolk County Police Department said.

Gabby’s fiancé now refuses to cooperate with the police.

Eager to find out what happened to Gabby, internet users are now exploring Instagram and have come across some hair-raising artwork.

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Brian Laundrie posts art on Instagram

On Instagram, Gabby’s fiance Brian Laundrie goes by the name @bizarre_design_.

Over the past few weeks, he posted several photos of himself on the US road trip with Gabby.

But before July 4, when they left, he mostly posted his artwork.

Brian clearly loves to draw and has posted many different designs, some of which are a bit odd.

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Exploring his chilling artworks

Internet users quickly noticed that some of Brian’s art is somewhat creepy.

One drawing shows a wolf-headed man holding a bloodied knife, with blood spattered on his clothes.

In the background is a pig holding two guns.

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He later reposted a similar image.

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Brian also created an artwork with the caption, “Grim Reaper leads sheep to the slaughter and a mousetrap.”

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Another chilling drawing is of Frankenstein’s monster.

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He also created a scary image of Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

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And Hellboy’s character features in much of his dark art.

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Brian Laundry is Missing

After refusing to cooperate with the police, Brian Laundrie has now reportedly disappeared.

His lawyer confirmed today (Saturday 18) that Brian was last seen on Tuesday and is now missing.

In a pronunciationGabby’s family said: “Gabby’s whole family wants the world to know that Brian isn’t missing, he’s hiding. Gabby is missing.”

Cop shop | official trailer



Cop shop | official trailer





In other news, who is Steven Bertolino, what did missing Brian Laundrie’s lawyer say?

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